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Windy Willow

Windy Willow is a family owned and operated business located just east of Northfield, Minnesota. We strive to offer a high quality educational and exhilarating experience to bridge the gap between rural and urban areas. We feature many amenities such as stimulating outdoor play areas, interactive educational displays, and friendly farm animals for the young and young at heart!


Closed for our
2022 season! 

Check our calendar for special upcoming events

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Friendly Animals

Check out and pet the friendly farm animals that Windy Willow has to offer! 

Outdoor Play Areas

Enjoy the fresh air while the kids enjoy the unique farm themed play areas! 

Educational Displays

Have fun while learning about where your food comes from and about farming in our local area!

Did you Know!?!

Featured farm facts of the Month:   Herding  Dogs 

Dogs have been used to

assist with livestock as

early as 55B.C.

"Come-by" signals the dog to go clockwise around the livestock, and "Away to me" means counter-clockwise 

Screen Shot 2023-01-31 at 11.31.10 AM.png

Dogs can start to work livestock as young as six months old! 

A border collie is the most common breed used for herding dogs! 

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