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Windy Willow

Windy Willow is a family owned and operated business located just east of Northfield, Minnesota. We strive to offer a high quality educational and exhilarating experience to bridge the gap between rural and urban areas. We feature many amenities such as stimulating outdoor play areas, interactive educational displays, and friendly farm animals for the young and young at heart!


Friday toSunday
9am to 5pm

*Entrance to grounds ends an hour before close*


Friendly Animals

At Windy Willow we feature 10 different animal enclosures filled with friendly farm animals waiting to be pet! 

Outdoor Play Areas

Get outside enjoy the fresh air, and disconnect with our 40+ outdoor attractions. With such a large variety of activities we have something fun for all ages! 

Educational Displays

Have fun outdoors while learning too!  

Did you Know!?!

Featured farm facts of the Month:   Eggs

A chicken will lay an average of 270 eggs per year, while the average person consumes 250 eggs per year. 

The color of the shell makes no nutritional difference. Brown eggs are typically more expensive because hens who lay brown eggs require more feed. 


An easy way to determine if eggs are still good or not is to simply float them in water. If they float they are bad, if they sink they are good! 

An egg shell can have as many as 17,000 pores! 

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