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We raise a variety of different chicken breeds on our farm. We collect eggs from the chickens which we eat ourselves and sell in our store! 

Our Chickens


The main kind of ducks we have at Windy Willow are Call ducks which is a bantam variety of duck. We also have some other breeds that roam around including Muscovy ducks which are a favorite of ours!

Our Ducks


Our turkeys are our gentle giants! They love getting treats and always are being nosy

Our Turkeys


The main breed of geese you will see up at Windy Willow are our Pilgrim Geese. We have a trio of them. The two females, Shimmer and Shine, are the gray ones while the male, Sparkle, is white. One cool thing about these geese is that you can tell whether the gosling will be male or female based on the color as soon as they hatch unlike most birds!

Our Geese


Housed in the chicken coop at Windy Willow we also have pigeons. One cool fact about pigeons is that they can detect the Earth's magnetic fields through iron crystals in their beaks. This is what helps them find they way home so good!

Our Pigeons


We do not currently have housing for the pheasants up at Windy Willow, but we hope to get an enclosure built soon so you all can see these beautiful birds for yourselves! We have Yellow Golden Pheasants. 

Our Pheasants

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